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July 12, 2024
Where do the Children Lie in All of This?

Children born or raised from separated households still have the ability to flourish and be cared for just as well as families without separated parents. The steps to this resolution, however, involve...

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July 3, 2024
Police Arrest 14-year-old Suspected Of Stabbing A Student At USYD

Australian police have arrested a 14-year-old boy after a stabbing at the University of Sydney on Tuesday morning, which triggered a lockdown of the university buildings.  Emergency crews treated a 22-year-old man,...

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June 26, 2024
Assange Returns a Free Man 

Julian Assange is an Australian editor, publisher, and activist whose decade-long legal saga began with the development of WikiLeaks- a non-profit media organisation and publisher of leaked documents, which has published classified...

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June 13, 2024
Steps to Prepare for End of Financial Year

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is an important time for your business. You'll need to complete bookkeeping, tax returns and plan for the new financial year. This is a time...

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May 31, 2024
Open Justice and Court Etiquette

Anyone is able to view proceedings within the majority of NSW Courtrooms through a principle known as ‘open justice’. The principle is said to be essential to the administration of fair and...

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May 13, 2024
New Changes to Family Law Commencing 6 May 2024

The Family Law Act of 2023 and Family Law Amendment (Information Sharing) Act 2023 were both passed by the Australian Parliament on 19 October 2023. These include a variety of changes in...

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May 10, 2024
Wills: What are They?

What is a Will? A will refers to a legal document that clearly states how someone would like their assets to be distributed to whomever they please. Various assets that are included...

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April 30, 2024
Stabbing in Newcastle

Trigger warning for distressing content. A 10-year-old girl from Boolaroo Newcastle was found on 29 April 2024 with multiple stab wounds in her home. Her sister, who is 17-years old, has been...

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April 5, 2024
Pill Testing - The QLD Approach

For the first time ever in Queensland, pill testing was offered at a festival, ‘Rabbits Eat Lettuce’. This is the first instance the service has been provided since the Queensland government announced...

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