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Are you looking to buy a property? At Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors, we believe in making this process as smooth and stress free as possible.

We provide competitively priced conveyancing services to individuals, families and businesses throughout Sydney and all of NSW. Our expert team will take the time to explain to you all the stages from start to finish when buying the property or business, keeping you updated about the progress of your matter at every step of the way.

From our initial consultation, we will ensure that you are fully aware of all of your rights and responsibilities prior to signing any Contracts.

Out with the Old… In with the New! 

Looking to sell? We can help! Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors can also assist with the sale of your property.  With just a few simple details, we can have the Contract for Sale prepared as soon as possible to ensure that your property is listed on the market quickly!

Stress Free and Convenient  

We understand that clients live a busy lifestyle, and we accommodate this by allowing the process to be a completely streamlined and electronic process.  If you cannot attend our offices during the transaction, we can make arrangements with our agents to visit you Monday to Saturday to complete our ID Verification Process.

Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors believes in providing you an all-encompassing service.  Once your property transaction is finalised, our expert team can help you plan for the future and prepare  your Will, Power of Attorney or Guardianship.

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