Debt Recovery

Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors are experts in debt recovery and can help you recover those outstanding debts to improve your cash flow.

As a small business owner, a corporate representative or an individual who is owed money, you have the legal and moral right to recover the funds that you’re owed.

If you have exhausted your communication efforts, then it is time to employ expert legal counsel to act on your behalf to recover your debt.

Competitive Fees and High Success Rates

Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors has a high success rate in helping clients collect from their debtors. Our legal and financial team has practised debt collection cases in courts at both State and Federal level and we have a proven procedure that includes:

  • Issuing letters of demand as the first step to debt recovery prior to taking legal action.
  • Commencing legal action that includes preparation and documentation
  • Following up on services to enforce judgements at all court levels.
  • In addition to solving your debtor issues under the legal process, our first priority is to provide professional expertise and consulting services to help you avoid outstanding debt in the first place.

We recommend taking these steps to ensure you avoid facing outstanding debt in the future:

  • Get professional support. You need a financial and legal review of your present trading to identify persistent inefficiencies that lead to outstanding debts.
  • Debt Collecting is a skill. Bring your staff to our office for in-house debt collection training.
  • Act quickly. Contact us now for advice on how to avoid debt in particular cases.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services

Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors has also worked alongside clients who are facing company liquidation or personal bankruptcy. Our legal team has the experience to recover assets from liquidated companies. We believe in advising and acting on behalf of both liquidators and trustees in every step of the process, from obtaining default judgements to examining breaches of director’s duties to negotiating a final settlement.

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What Makes Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors Different

  • Free Letter of Demand and half an hour free consultation
  • Business and Corporate debt recovery services at competitive rates and high success rate
  • Significant experience in all courts both at State and Federal jurisdictions with high levels of success rate
  • Advice relating to breaches of directors duties
  • Debt collection services at nominal and competitive prices which includes issuing letters of demand for free, commencement of legal actions and enforcement of judgements at all courts
  • Having worked for multi national corporations to small businesses, we pride ourselves to be fast debt collection lawyers providing services at great and competitive rates.

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How Can We Recover Your Debt?

If you have a personal debt or a debt which you have incurred on behalf of your company, or a payment which is due and payable to your business or your company, our debt recovery team can provide the following services to you:

  • We can issue a free Letter of Demand on your behalf to the debtor (if the debt amount is less than $3,000).
  • We provide an initial ½ hour consultation free of charge, subsequent to which we will charge you at an hourly rate.

Since we understand the importance of improving your cash flow and recovering the debt without any further delay, contact us today on 02 8999 9808 or complete the form below.

F&G’s Debt Recovery Process

  1. We issue a free Letter of Demand to the debtor, if the debt amount is less than $3,000, giving them a period of five days to make the payment.
  2. If the payment is not forthcoming, we request you to provide us with your instructions to commence legal proceedings. In cases where debt amount is less than $10,000 we commence legal proceedings in the Small Claims Division of the Local Court of New South Wales (if the Jurisdiction is covered by NSW). Where the debt amount is between $10,000 and $100,000, the proceedings are commenced in the General Claims Division of the Local Court of New South Wales
  3. Once a Judgement is obtained, then we recommend various Enforcement Options that are available to you.

If, however, the debt is due and payable by a company to you, then we would highly recommend that a Creditor’s Statutory Demand for Payment of Debt be issued against the debtor company without any delay (if the debt has not been disputed).

We can, of course, take you through our processes and methods in detail once you make contact with us.

We look forward to being of assistance to you, and recovering the outstanding debt owed to you.

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