Civil Disputes & Litigation

A Civil Dispute is a dispute between individuals, companies, associations or government agencies and compensation can be awarded to the victim. They can take the form of disputes about:

  • Contracts;
  • Compensation (for motor vehicle damage, property damage or personal injury);
  • Debts;
  • Employment;
  • Intellectual Property Disputes; or
  • Wills etc.

These Civil matters can be taken to the Courts in order to determine the best form of relief for the victim.  At Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors, we pride ourselves on attempting to arrive at an amicable resolution to provide the most cost-effective and least stressful legal process.

We provide and initial half-hour free consultation and are highly experienced in the areas of civil disputes and litigation if the matter proceeds to Court.

Our central location in the Sydney CBD means that we are close to the main courts and will be able to represent you should the matter proceed to the Local, District, Supreme or Federal Court.

Our solicitors have successful resolved major disputes involving the Government and obtained multimillion dollar awards for our clients, Ms Cornelia Rau and Ms Vivian Solon.

Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors were also involved in establishing case law through innovative and creative legal strategies to assist our client to take the sperm of her late husband for IVF procedures in the absence of her husband’s written authority. To read more about this matter, click here.

Freedman & Gopalan have successfully conducted litigation in our clients matters which are reported in the court reports of NSW and Australia and we provide advice regarding professional negligence and partnership disputes.

To find out more, or to book in for your free consultation, contact us on 02 8999 9808.

Freedman Gopalan: Your Trusted Civil Litigation Lawyer in Sydney

A civil litigation, or “common law dispute”, describes a range of situations in which criminal charges are not at issue. Instead, clients are seeking money or other specified compensation for damages. Common areas of civil litigation include:

  • Environmental Law
  • Medical Malpractice Suits
  • Employment and Labour Disputes
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Product Liability Lawsuits

and countless more unique situations that our legal team is prepared to handle.

Freedman Gopalan Legal — Your Trusted Civil Lawyers in Sydney

Freedman Gopalan Legal aims to provide prompt and efficient legal services to normal, hardworking people. It’s our goal to resolve disputes agreeably without parties having to litigate. This keeps our costs at a minimum while reducing stress for our clients, ensuring they are well cared for and protected.

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