Wills & Estates Planning

Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors is a law firm that helps clients from all cultural backgrounds to plan their end-of-life affairs according to their wishes and the law. The team at F&G has long-standing expertise and experience and can prepare a Will for you.

Our expert team can also provide you with legal advice so that you can prepare your will so that:

  • Your last wishes are considered;
  • Your minor children are planned for;
  • Your executors will not encounter any problems with probate

It is never too late or too early to prepare a Will or to revise an existing Will.  We offer expert legal advice, including a free initial consultation, so you can ask questions and understand the correct and relevant information needed to document and register a Will for yourself or a relative.

The Importance of Making and Regularly Reviewing Your Will

As you might be aware, a Will is a legal and binding document that outlines who you want to receive your assets and possessions after your death. These people, who receive your assets, are known as “beneficiaries”.

Your assets and possessions will include everything that you own apart from your superannuation or death benefits.

Unless you make a Will, you cannot ensure that your assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes, after your death.

The team at F&G will ensure that a valid Will is prepared on your behalf at a nominal fixed charge of $600.00 plus GST (for a simple Will) so that it can be accepted by the Court, and put into effect by “Grant of Probate”.

If your circumstances in life have changed, this could affect the validity or effect of your Will. We recommend making a new Will:

  • If you have recently been married;
  • If you have had children or grandchildren;
  • If you have purchased or sold property;
  • If any other material circumstances in your life change

Protect the Contents of your Will from Dispute

It can be very emotional if you believe that your end-of-life wishes could give rise to a family disputes. As experienced Wills & Estates practitioners, we can advise you on how to balance your wishes with the actions of your beneficiaries, family and friends during the drafting and communication of the contents of your Will. Additionally, a legal consultant can provide your Executor with the necessary training and legal assistance at every stage of the process.

Specialist Legal Services to Care for the Elderly

The team at Freedman & Gopalan Solicitors shows great compassion and trust when supporting family members and their ageing relatives understand the best approach to providing end-of-life care that meets their personal wishes. We clarify the legal steps required to apply and appoint a legal guardian, along with Powers of Attorney, and to complete detailed Estate documents.

If you or your family is currently caring for ageing parents or a an ageing relative and you foresee the need to be the legal voice of your loved one, then take up our offer of free legal advice.  Saturday and Sunday consultations can be arranged.

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