Law Society Pro Bono Solicitor of the Year Award

Our Senior Partner, Mr Harry Freedman, of Freedman & Gopalan solicitors, was awarded the Law Society Pro bono solicitor of the year award at a lavish ceremony held at Parliament House on Wednesday evening, 29 October 2014, as part of

In his acceptance speech, Mr Freedman , who had previously been nominated for the same award in 2013, acknowledged the importance of assisting those less fortunate in the community. He stated that the giving of charity was a concept ingrained in his family life and also part of his Jewish culture. Over the years he has acted on numerous matters for those in need and was mostly successful in obtaining positive results.the Justice awards 2014.

He acknowledged the support of his Partner and staff in assisting in being able to provide this service and encouraged all professionals to consider offering a certain amount of time per annum to provide similar assistance to those in need. He stated that, “rewards do not always have to be financial”. The award given by the Law Society of New South Wales ought to better be publicised  throughout the community to counter the few but highly publicised instances when solicitors had acted poorly to the detriment of clients. He stated that, “the reputation of solicitors is often harmed by the greedy actions of a few members, as the vast majority of solicitors always act in the best interests of their clients”. Even though he commenced a new partnership in the last 12 months, he and his partner were committed to putting back into the community and intended to continue on this path.

Harry Freedman - Law Society Pro bono solicitor of the year

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