How to Make A Legal Enquiry at F&G

Are you looking to commence legal proceedings with Freedman and Gopalan Solicitors?

Our Process

  1. First, submit an enquiry on our website ( – this includes providing your name, contact information, and what you wish to discuss with our solicitors! You also have the option to call our offices at 02 8917 8700 or email us at in order to make an enquiry.
  2. Shortly after, you will receive a letter from our offices requesting for you to attend an Initial Client Consultation with our principal solicitor, Ms Mittu Gopalan, in order to discuss your matter further. You will be provided with 3 different timings to select your conference time.
  3. Once you reply to our email with your confirmed timing, we will forward you a diary invite to lock in your conference. You will also be required to complete and return our Client Details Form and Initial Chronology Form, along with a copy of your driver's licence.
  4. Following your consultation, a letter be forwarded to you, confirming the advice provided by our principal solicitor and your instructions to move forward or not.

What is our Client Details Form? Our Client Details Form ensures we have all the necessary information required to contact you and to also conduct a Conflict-of-Interest check, ensuring that we have not acted on behalf of or acquired confidential information from the other party in your matter.

What is our Initial Chronology Form? Our Initial Chronology Form allows our principal solicitor to gain more understanding of your matter prior to the Initial Client Consultation. This includes providing important dates and events which have occurred.

Tip: In addition to the Initial Chronology Form, we highly recommend that you also forward our team any questions or concerns you have prior to your consultation so that you can be provided with thorough advice.

If you or someone you know wish to discuss this issue further, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 8999 9809.

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