Evatt List

The Evatt List is a specialist list consisting of Senior Judicial Registrars, Judicial Registrars, Court Child Experts and court staff, who are chosen to manage cases that are considered to be high risk. These cases will often require more intensive case management and resources.

The Evatt List was developed by the Courts to ensure that families who are the most vulnerable are provided with resources, support, and court events without extensive delay in order to prevent the prolonging the risk of any harm or trauma.

The Evatt List prioritises the safety of the parties, children, and any other third parties involved. If parties are required to attend Court for a hearing, the Court may put in place safety measures such as attendance via telephone or video web conference, or a safety waiting room where specific people are not allowed to enter. If there are further concerns about your safety or your child’s safety when attending Court, speak to your solicitors as you may be able to obtain a protection order.

For the process on how Court events happen whilst being allocated to the Evatt List team, see the following link: https://www.fcfcoa.gov.au/fl/pubs/guide-parties-evatt-list

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